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havoc with your hare

Picture taken by me in the street . No rights reserved.

Thanks to the University of Edinburgh  Cycle to Work Scheme I am now equipped with a new bicycle, access to a bike shed and an exciting trip across the cobbles every morning.

The Edinburgh wind has been blowing a gale this week but thanks to Johanna Holtan of (Eusa/Cyclehack) who I saw speak at the Falling Walls Lab event, I am also armed with a new strategy for cycling in the wind: ‘A penny in your pants’. I haven’t tried it with a penny farthing.

The Falling Walls Conference is held in Berlin. Individuals, who are about to tear down walls in their studies or in their professions, are invited to apply. With current global challenges ranging from climate change to civil war, the scholarship program aims to encourage young people to think of innovative ideas that will have a direct impact on our societies and the environment. The programme is open to professionals, entrepreneurs or students enrolled in a Master’s, PhD or Post-Doctoral Programme.

When the wind blows some walls fall, others are merely hidden. My ride to work is enhanced by a series of billboard murals (by Astrid Jaekel, ECA) which have appeared to hide the  electricity substation. From these I am learning how to avoid the skateboarding hares and dancing bears who frequent the Meadows during the festival.