Month: February 2021

stay safe at home

There has been another unpleasant event which has attracted news coverage

Please make sure that all your friends, family, colleagues and student groups know how to keep themselves safe online.

The Digital Skills and Training team offers a range of resources designed to help students and staff stay safe while meeting with others and hosting events online. Our Staying Safe While Learning and Teaching Onlinepage in our Digital Safety and Citizenship web hub provides safety tips on avoiding zoom-bombing and video conference etiquette suggestions. We also run a variety of webinars on best practice when using online meeting tools, including Introduction to Zoom video conferencing, which covers important security steps and features that help minimise the potential for disruption. Our Digital Safety and Citizenship for Students webinar (also open to staff) also provides general information on how to stay safe while engaging with others online. Additionally, the Information Services Zoom guidance includes important information on security, data protection and privacy that staff and students should take into consideration when using Zoom.