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fully re-booted

moocThis week I’ll be welcoming all comers to ALT’s  winter wonderland event
CPD Rebooted – Creative Professional Development in Learning Technology‘ in Edinburgh on Tuesday, pulling myself up by the bootstraps at Aurora on Wednesday and then briefly, standing furry-booted at the Online Educa Conference in Berlin.

At ALT I’ll explain why peer-review is good for your soul. As an Aurora role model I’ll explain why table manners are important. In Berlin I’ll explain how MOOCs are changing management in higher education.

I have a very varied job and will be packing several pairs of shoes.

stand up and be counted

University of Edinburgh Digital Image Collections CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
The Student newspaper. University of Edinburgh Digital Image Collections CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

It is no secret that I was born and raised in Scotland* and that my return home to work here co-incides conveniently with the opportunity to vote.

Our ‘Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum‘ MOOC is well underway and on Wednesday evening this week I’ve been invited by Elize to chair our  #ISdecides event. The assembled staff of University of Edinburgh Information Services  will hear the options weighed in the balance and decide which side is wanting.

We’ll be bringing MOOC-style voting and polling  into the debate chamber. It’ll be a lively evening and no mistake.


* you can tell by my accent