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in defence of distance learning

Online learning in New York

Hybrid innovation is not good for online learning.

‘Hybrid’ teaching seems cool, but actually reduces the amount of flexibility for distance learners. Distance learning was supposed to free us from the tyranny of time and space.

Any time, any place, and pace. Slowly, over many years, flexible to be achieved in balance with their own lives, work and families.

Hybrid is this cool idea that your online learners should be able to join in synchronous sessions with the learners and teachers on campus.

As soon as you include in your fully online programme live sessions which are linked to the activities happening on campus you are requiring the distance learner , wherever they are in the world, to tie themselves to your time.   They may be any place, but no longer any time or any pace.

It is teacher-centred, campus-centred and risks ‘othering’ the online students in a way we have fought to avoid.

I think it is a backward step.

I think some colleagues have become intoxicated by Teams.