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Japanese Paintings: Children’s Games, 1894 © The University of Edinburgh http://images.is.ed.ac.uk/luna/servlet/s/l60b5l

Did you get bored of games for Christmas?

On the 14th January I will be in Huddersfield speaking as keynote at the School of Art, Design and Architecture, Annual Teaching and Learning Conference.  Doing my research, looking at their website I see that they also host a Conference on Serious Games.

It seems to me that games may be about to become seriously important in higher education in various ways. People I know have been researching this for years, and I wonder whether the time has finally come. There are many aspects to this , obviously. There is game design, gamification, serious gaming, research about people who play games, the people who design games, the potential for games to be learning environments, for children, for adults, for problem solving, for social skills, for violence, for misogeny etc. Certainly after #gamergate it seems like it is an area of activity with some dark sides which might beneft from having a bit more light shone upon them before activists are hung out to dry.

Universities, beyond their informatics and design departments, will I think, be paying more attention to games soon, if they are not already, because a generation of people for whom computergames and e-sports are commonplace are heading towards university now.

Several universities host major gaming conferences, Nottingham has declared itself Game City.

Some universities offer e-sport scholarships.

Some games lobby to be part of the Olympics.

E-sports attract enormous audiences.

The British Museum and British Library are using gaming platforms to promote engagement with their collections.

There are many MOOCs about gamification and game design, some about games, some which are games and some which have been gamely gamified.

There’s also a tasty Game Masters* exhibition at our National Museum of Scotland.


*Not to be confused with the Scottish Game Fair or seriously good game.