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We all know the job market is crazy at the moment.  Some industries are not recruiting at all, others are scrabbling to get the best expertise they need for this new world.  The market for learning technologists is hot and  I’ve never seen so many job ads out.

Here’s what I am seeing at Edinburgh:

  • We advertised for student summer interns. We planned to take 20, we got 100+ applications and we are taking 45.
  • We advertised for Learning Technology Support Officers. Again, over 100 applicants, we’ll aim to appoint five.
  • We advertised for Senior Content Designers  in March and got 12 applicants, for a similar role in June we now have 52.
  • We advertised for a Learning Technology Team Manager, got 45 applicants, appointed one.
  • We advertised for Project Managers and got  75+ applicants, including many people who had previously been working only as contractors.
  • We still struggle for the  properly technical roles though….. if you know anyone who can be our new e-learning systems developer we really need them. Good money.  Great team. Closing this week.

Another solution may be to try to grow your own learning technologists in house. We are giving that a go too.


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