summer podcasts, summer not

Picture taken by me in the street in Glasgow. No rights reserved by me.

If you are short of something to help you doze off in the sunshine:

A Teaching Matters podcast featuring me talking about how we did our large IT project to roll out lecture recording at Edinburgh.The challenge in learning technology is to match the right technology to the right institution at the right time. This can be quite difficult – particularly as there will be many voices telling you that this is not the right the technology, nor the right institution, nor the right time. So the skills to do this come with experience, come from working at, or learning from other institutions, this is a big part of leadership in learning technology. Once a technology is right,  if you get it right,  it can reach a tipping point and spread throughout an organisation.

Copyright Waffle Podcast in which Charlie describes how we are supporting Open Education at Edinburgh. Apparently our Open Education Services is still fairly unique in the sector.

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