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We are recruiting a Digital Recruitment and Marketing intern. If you are an Edinburgh University student check out our advert on employ.ed.

Information Services Group at University of Edinburgh is one of the largest IT employers in Scotland. We are looking for a digital marketing intern to work with us to enhance our online presence, and specifically our ‘company profile’ on LinkedIn to ensure that we attract the best candidates and showcase our organisation as a great place to work. You will work closely with managers across our organisation to provide advice to us on how best to use online recruitment tools and strategies and to develop content and stories for our LinkedIn profile.


Use your digital marketing expertise and copy-writing skills to design and populate our LinkedIn company profile which will:

  1. Be effective in recruiting the best IT and Library staff for our organisation.
  2. Showcase ISG as a great place to work and a good project partner.
  3. Showcase the career paths and profiles on offer in our organisation.
  4. Promote our family friendly, inclusivity and flexible working policies.
  5. Report on metrics to monitor success.
  6. Be easy for our recruiting managers to continue to use after your internship has finished.

You will gain real life experience of working with a large employer to enhance our business through effective use of digital marketing and recruitment tools.


  • Excellent copy-writing and editorial skills.
  • A well designed and effective profile on LinkedIn.
  • Good social media nous and understanding of how the internet works for companies and organisations.
  • Evidence of being able to identify examples of good practice in digital recruitment and advertising.
  • An up to date knowledge of good practice in HR and marketing strategies.
  • A keen eye for detail.


  • Graphic design or journalism skills.
  • Experience of writing ‘how to’ guides or workplace training.

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