gown but not forgotten

Photo taken by me of books I own. No rights reserved by me.

Time to dust off my sub-fusc and don my gown once more. I’ll be on stage at the Usher Hall on Friday and my appearance will be live streamed.

Due to the McEwan Hall refurbishments, graduations are being held in the Usher Hall this year. There is no suitable networking infrastructure in place for web casting the graduations, so our media teams in IS have had to source and install a satellite unit on the roof of the Usher Hall. Finding 21st Century tech that will fit through a 19th Century access hatch has been a significant challenge!

I’m going to attend the Education graduation, which I think is the one I actually attended as a graduand. I don’t remember much about it other than being rather surprised to realise that my high school Modern Studies teacher was University Rector.

You can watch the live stream of the graduations.

At the ceremony on 4th July a posthumous degree will be given to Stephanie McGregor.

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