where are your wearables?

Mask and Plastic Limbs. Graeme Magee. University of Edinburgh Art Collection http://images.is.ed.ac.uk/luna/servlet/s/zx7wts

Apparently 2015 is the year of wearable technology.  I got blue-tooth gloves for Christmas to match my hounds-tooth check handbag. One makes me look considerably cooler than the other.

The year begins with the launch of our ‘Glasses in Classes‘ competition.  Get your best ideas in quick, active learning just got personal.

Some of this tech still costs an arm and a leg, and some of it moves so fast it is retro already, but is very good value for bloggers, punners and journalists. Expect to see blog posts from me entitled  ‘She wears it well’,  ‘Through glass darkly’ and ‘Wear the wired things are’  etc.

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