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Cornucopia, John Mooney in University of Edinburgh Art Collection
Cornucopia by John Mooney in University of Edinburgh Art Collection

I am excited to say the University is working with Google to explore and promote innovation in learning and teaching in Higher Education. Edinburgh students and staff will have a unique opportunity to experiment with Google Glass, one of the most talked about developments in wearable technology in recent years. Our reputation as a leader in strategic innovation in digital education is growing worldwide and we have a number of strategic partnerships with the international companies who develop new technology for users.

Wearable technology is exciting  for academia because its designed for people being active, moving around and needing to be hands-free. So where we do active field work, sport, performance, complex experiments, medical procedures, explorations, digs or where we move around in large and small spaces (landscapes, city, architecture, public transport, exhibitions, collection,  art installations) it can transform the way we work  in gathering and using data and information. The technology functionality and usability is still developing and it is exciting to be involved at this early stage to shape how the features and applications can be used for learning, teaching and research.

Learning technologists from LTW, Information Services are working in partnership with students and staff across the whole institution to evaluate the potential for technologies like Glass to support and enhance a wide-range of educational activities and experiences.

Throughout January we will be inviting students in all disciplines to share their innovative ideas by submitting 3-minute video proposals.  Some of the best proposals for using Google Glass  will go forward to become live projects within the University.

This is an exciting opportunity for students to shape the way new technology is integrated into learning and teaching. We would encourage you to experiment and be inventive,  Edinburgh University’s vision for digital education will be shaped by our students’  creative potential. I expect we will see a range of perspectives and discuss many aspects of seeing, light and dark.

You can find further information about the project and how to participate by visiting

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