Setting up your blog


Follow these simple steps to set up your new blog on

1.  Go to the homepage.

2.  Click on the Create your blog button. You will be asked to register for your own blogging site.

3. Click Next. This will give you a list of existing blogs you’ve already created (if any).  Underneath this list is a form that will allow you to create a new blog. Fill in the fields as follows.

3.  Blog Address – chose an address for the blog. Your blog address will start but you can choose what appears after the /  Keep the address short, memorable and without capital letters or symbols. E.g.

4.  Blog Title – this is the title that will appear in your blog’s banner once it is created.

5.  Blog Description – this is the sub-title that appears under your blog’s banner.

6.  Blog Category – choose the category that fits your blog most closely.

7.  Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of Use and check the box underneath, once you have.

8.  Pick a Template for your new site – there is only one template currently available, more will be available in the future.

9.  Once you are happy, click on the Create Blog button. It should only take a few seconds to create your new blog.

(Playfair Architectural Drawings, CC BY, University of Edinburgh,