Blogging to Build your Professional Profile

University of Edinburgh staff and postgraduate researchers can book a place on this workshop via Events @ Edinburgh.¬† If you’re not a member of the University, you’re welcome to reuse these resources under the terms of the CC BY licence.

  1. Introduction to the Academic Blogging Service
  2. What is academic blogging and how can you use it to build your professional profile?
  3. Writing for blogs
  4. Group blogs
  5. Privacy, openness, copyright and licensing 
  6. Amplifying your blog with social media
  7. Setting up your blog
  8. Linking your blog to your EdWeb profile
  9. Examples of academic and professional blogs
  10. Additional training and support
  11. Further information

All header images are from collection of Architectural Drawings by William Henry Playfair.¬† These are available under Creative Commons licence from the University of Edinburgh’s Image Collections.

CC BY, Lorna M. Campbell, University of Edinburgh, unless otherwise indicated. These resources were revised and updated in October 2020.