What is an editathon?

An editathon can be anything you want it to be!

“An editathon is an organized event where people come together at a scheduled time to create or edit Wikipedia entries on a specific topic. Participants engage in all kinds of collaborative activity around the creation of wiki pages, aided by information specialists including librarians, archivists and ‘Wikimedians in residence’ (professionals employed to carry out all sorts of tasks associated with Wikipedia).

Editathons are underpinned by two broad intentions; first to contribute to Wikipedia by creating or editing content, and second, to support people in developing the knowledge and expertise needed to act as Wikipedia editors. Participation is voluntary, with individuals determining the nature and level of their engagement, and activities include offline and online actions.” – Becoming an online editor: perceived roles and responsibilities of Wikipedia editors (Littlejohn & Hood, 2018)

In the simplest form, all you need is:

  1. an internet connection and some computers.
  2. a few pages to create/edit.
  3. a few quality sources
  4. a few would-be editors.

Wikipedia training takes 60-90 mins approx. We have a lesson plan and video tutorials to help there.

There is also a signup form for attendees which you should email to Wikimedia UK (info@wikimedia.org.uk) after the session.

Tea, coffee and cupcakes might be nice too!

So the list could be expanded slightly as these all definitely help:

  • A gap on Wikipedia
  • The resources to fill it
  • Interested volunteers to do the editing
  • Refreshments
  • A room with WiFi & a projector
  • Supplies from Wikimedia UK (stickers, How to Edit booklets, pens, etc.)
  • A trainer
  • A hit list of articles
  • About 4-6 weeks notice

Q: How should an editathon be structured?

  • Introduction (inc. signup sheet provided by Wikimedia UK) including a short/long guest talk from someone else about why we’re here, or a visit to somewhere interesting (ie a Backstage Pass event)
  • Basic editing training, including any pertinent policies or guidelines. Create your event page.
  • Refreshments (very important!)
  • Edit! (at least a half day)
  • Wrap up and follow up – update your event page, send sign in sheets to Wikimedia UK. (info@wikimedia.org.uk)

Q: How do I publicise an editathon?

Q: How do I create an event page?

Borrow from previous example events. e.g.

Although if you are not mad keen on Html markup then use the Programs and Events Dashboard for preparing and managing your event.