Pull up a chair and let’s get started

This site is designed to help you get started at OER18’s EdTech Wikipedia editathon.

It covers the key information you need to know and will help you complete micro-tasks to help improve the knowledge available online for education technology related pages as well as how to get started preparing for an editathon of your own.

You can introduce yourself and add notes to the OER18 Etherpad.

First thing’s first, you’ll need a Wikipedia account:

Complete steps 1-5 of our Wikipedia Basics site to create your account and a Wikipedia user page.

  • You should ideally create a Wikipedia account at least 4 days before an editathon event as new users cannot create new pages on Wikipedia until their account has been registered for 4 days and they have accrued over 10 edits.
  • If you are creating an account for the first time today then you can still edit any existing pages (be bold!) and you can draft new pages for submission to Wikipedia Articles for Creation queue where it will be reviewed by an experienced editor before publishing.

If your account is created then you can join the EdTech editathon here.

Now let’s cover the need-to-know Wikipedia essentials on the next page.

  1. Wikipedia essentials
  2. Let’s get started
  3. What is an editathon?
  4. Preparing your own editathon
  5. Resources

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