Getting started with Wikipedia University of Edinburgh Tutorial: Editing Wikipedia (pdf booklet) What’s where on Wiki (pdf) Building a brilliant page (pdf) Video tutorial on Media Hopper: Wikipedia editing in under 25 mins. (playlist of 18 videos) Video tutorial on Media Hopper: How easy is Wikipedia’s new Visual Editor interface – 5 min walkthrough […]

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Preparing your own editathon

Wikipedia editathons in a nutshell: Choose a platform for managing the assignment you are happy with. Either a Project Page or the Programs and Events Dashboard. Identify a focus area for the assignment i.e. create a worklist as to which articles are to be created or improved during the assignment and whether there will be […]

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What is an editathon?

An editathon can be anything you want it to be! “An editathon is an organized event where people come together at a scheduled time to create or edit Wikipedia entries on a specific topic. Participants engage in all kinds of collaborative activity around the creation of wiki pages, aided by information specialists including librarians, archivists […]

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Let’s get started

Trusted more than the BBC, Guardian and Telegraph (Jordan, 2014), Wikipedia receives some 17 billion pageviews from 500 million visitors each month and is estimated to be 1,500 times more cost effective than traditional ways of spreading information, such as presenting at academic conferences (Heilman, Masukume, Kipersztok, Shafee and Diptanshu, 2017). A 2016 study found […]

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