Practical – Women in Medicine

Listeria is a very powerful tool that lets you create dynamic bespoke lists pulling from Wikidata which you can read/write to from Wikipedia.

For it to work, you need to have a Wikipedia userpage in the first instance.

Part 1 – Creating a userpage on Wikipedia.

  • Step 1: Go to Wikipedia.
  • Step 2: Login with your same Wikidata login details.
  • Step 3: Click on the redlink at the top of the page which represents your username.
  • Step 4: A user page will be opened up. Add at least 1 character of text so you can click the blue Save button in the top right.

That’s your userpage created on Wikipedia!


Part 2 – Create a subpage for your Listeria list:

  1. Type User:YOURUSERNAME/WikidataList1 in the Wikipedia search bar.
  2. Click on the red link newly created when Wikipedia cannot find a page with the name of Wikidata List 1
  3. Add at least 1 character of text within the body of the page in order to save the page e.g. “This is Wikidata list subpage 1.”
  4. Click Save to create the page.


Part 3 – Subpage created. Now we’ll add in the Listeria code.

  1. Click Edit to access the subpage once more.
  2. Paste in the following code:

{{Wikidata list
|sparql=SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item wdt:P21 wd:Q6581072 . ?item wdt:P106 ?sub0 . ?sub0 (wdt:P279)* wd:Q15220429 . ?item wdt:P27 wd:Q145. }
|section = P106
|sort= label
|columns = label:Article,P18,description,P101,P19
|thumb = 128
|min_section = 1

               {{wikidata list end}}

NB: Please remember to add the {{Wikidata list end}} to the code at the bottom of your listeria query. Otherwise it won’t work.


Now click on ‘Save‘ and type ‘created subpage‘. Click Save again to complete the process.

Now you have an empty list page. So click ‘automatically update the list now‘ so the list will pull items from Wikidata.

If it doesn’t work, check the purple SPARQL code in the Wikidata Query Service