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What is the difference between Wikidata and DBpedia?

How do you find which properties to use on Wikidata?

You can go to a high profile example to see the properties used on their item page. e.g. RMS Titanic if you are interested in properties for ships. Alternatively, you can use the PropBrowse tool and the List of Properties page to check up on properties. Finally, if you think the way a concept is modelled is wrong then feel free to discuss on the Talk pages e.g. WikiProject Ships if you are wanting to discuss shipping data modelling.

How do you propose NEW properties be created?

  • To create a new predicate (“property” in Wikidata), you have to add a request here – https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Property_proposal – select the type of property from the list of options (e.g “Authority control” for adding an ID property). Once on one of the category pages, there’s a box with button just after the contents).
  • Once proposed, other community members will either support or oppose, and some questions may be asked/discussed. After around 2 weeks to a month, if there’s been no unresolved objections then the property will be created by an admin.
  • The notability of the data is still best discussed initially by posting a message into Project Chat – notability of a proposed property is also discussed on the property proposal page

What is the schema for Wikidata?


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