Wikimedia chapters or groups near you (these are the countries of workshop participants – here is a full list of chapters) Belgium Germany Finland France Ireland – wikimedia community working on setting up a chapter Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States Bay Area User Group Philadelphia meet-ups   Getting started with Wikipedia […]

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Preparing your own editathon

Wikipedia editathons in a nutshell: Choose a platform for managing the assignment you are happy with. Either a Project Page or the Programs and Events Dashboard. Identify a focus area for the assignment i.e. create a worklist as to which articles are to be created or improved during the assignment and whether there will be […]

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What is an editathon?

An editathon can be anything you want it to be! “An editathon is an organized event where people come together at a scheduled time to create or edit Wikipedia entries on a specific topic. Participants engage in all kinds of collaborative activity around the creation of wiki pages, aided by information specialists including librarians, archivists […]

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Wikipedia essentials

Before we get started creating and improving EdTech articles, there are a few need-to-know Wikipedia essentials to go over. Visual Editor makes life a lot easier. Wikipedia’s new WYSIWYG Visual Editor interface is very intuitive to use but it’s not enabled by default. You should enable it in Preferences¬†before going any further.¬† Once enabled, you […]

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