Pre-workshop tasks

Things to do before arriving in Cardiff:

Core (15 minutes)

  1. Create a Wikipedia account
    You should ideally create a Wikipedia account at least 4 days before an editathon event as new users cannot create new pages on Wikipedia until their account has been registered for 4 days and they have accrued over 10 edits.
  2. Join the EAHIL event dashboard page here.
  3. Watch the Visual editor tutorial (5 minute video) to see how easy it now is to start editing Wikipedia
  4. Read What is an editathon (links to the next page)



  1. Read Wikipedia’s guidance on running an editathon (10 minutes)
  2. Decide what you want to work on during the session. There will be about 25 minutes to edit Wikipedia. You can either prepare something in advance, or choose from a list of suggested tasks on the day.

During the session there will be time to do simple editing such as: add missing citations, add links between existing articles, add images to a wiki article, translate existing English articles into your own language. If you want to prepare a topic in advance, please do! To get ideas of what to prepare, look in Wikipedia for a subject on which you have some interest or expertise, and find gaps that you could help fill.

Further preparation

  1. Video tutorial How to edit Wikipedia (40 minutes)
  2. The Wikipedia Adventure (modular – estimate 1 hour to complete all modules. Uses ‘source editor’ rather than ‘visual editor’)