Mastering the Visual Editor – Adding lists and categories

Creating lists

Adding lists
  1. Click Edit to enter Visual Editor once more.
  2. Create a heading of ‘Things I like’ or ‘About me’. Hit return.
  3. Type a list of 2-3 things you like doing e.g. watching movies, reading books, going for walks.
  4. Select the entire list so it is highlighted.
  5. Click on the next dropdown to the right of the Cite dropdown menu. This is the List menu.
  6. Click on either ‘Bullet list’ or ‘Numbered list’ in the List dropdown menu. Then Save Changes with an edit summary of ‘Added a list’. Click ‘Save changes’ once more.
The Categories Menu (far right dropdown menu).

Adding categories

Categories appear at the bottom of a Wikipedia page and they appear at the far right hand side of the Visual Editor. This is the last step in our formatting training.

  1. Click Edit to enter Visual Editor.
  2. Select the dropdown menu at the far right hand side of the Visual Editor symbolised by 3 horizontal lines. Select the Categories option.
  3. Type an example category by typing into the box. e.g. Wikipedians or Wikipedians in Scotland. If the link turns red then click on the red category and use the ‘bin’ symbol to delete the problem category.
  4. Click ‘Apply changes’ when one or two categories have been added correctly and Save Changes with an edit summary of ‘added categories’.

These categories should now appear as blue clickable links at the foot of the userpage.

Adding categories

NB: Categories need to be spelt exactly as they appear on Wikipedia. If a space is in the wrong place or a capital letter or an ‘s’ at the end of the line is missed out then it will not find the category and it will create a red-linked category. As much as possible we work with existing categories on Wikipedia but in certain circumstances it may be appropriate to create a new category.

If you are unsure which categories should be added to a Wikipedia page you are drafting then best practice is to check out a similar Wikipedia page to see which categories they made use of and follow suit.

In fact that is true of drafting Wikipedia articles in general. You should draft your article in your sandbox (your personal draftspace) and use an exemplar page as your guideline.

We will look at the Sandbox and how to move content to Wikipedia’s livespace next.


  1. Adding links (video).
  2. Adding categories (video).