Wikipedia Basics

This site is designed to help you get started with editing Wikipedia. It covers the key information you need to know and will help you prepare for activities like attending an edit-a-thon as well as beginning editing in your own time.

You will also find reference to further reading if you want to explore an area in more detail, but it isn’t necessary to do so.

  1. Why should you edit Wikipedia?
  2. About the Wikipedia user interface
  3. About preparing to take part in a Wikipedia edit-a-thon
  4. How to create an account and enable visual editing
  5. How to create your user page
  6. Mastering the Visual Editor – Headings, bold, links
  7. Mastering the Visual Editor – Citations
  8. Mastering the Visual Editor – Images and Infoboxes
  9. Mastering the Visual Editor – Adding lists and categories
  10. Mastering the Visual Editor – Drafting your 1st article in the Sandbox

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