Apereo Incubation: Notifications Backbone

Towards the end of 2017 our work with Notifications entered the Apereo Incubation Process. Whilst working towards delivering a sustainable service within our own institution, significant interest from the wider community has strengthened our desire to continue its future development in an open environment.

Entering this Incubation Process will help us on our path from innovation to sustainability that can not only be utilised by a wider community, but also steered by one too. The process supports this journey by bringing the experience of those who have travelled the path before – successfully or unsuccessfully for the benefit of the project and Apereo community. Covering the need for consistent licensing, creating software artefacts and developing and sustaining a community of interest, this experience provides the scaffolding required for the project team to work within a systematic mentoring process.

Access to this level of experience is a clear benefit for the Service moving forward. Participation in this process allows the Notifications work to become part of a larger network in that it can also gain the benefits of network effects.

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A snippet of our Incubation Proposal provides an overview of what we hope to achieve within the Apereo Incubation Process: https://edin.ac/2EBbMwL

Apereo Incubating Project
An Apereo Incubating Project




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