Marking and Assessment projects 2024 – a crowded space

There is a sudden urgent interest in improving systems which support assessment in the University. Possibly related to the considerable impact felt from the Marking and Assessment Boycott (MAB) by the staff union (UCU) last year.

The role of learning technology systems in enabling assessment, and the student experience of assessment ( and feedback) is key.  Well-designed workflows in systems can relieve pain points and save time, – particularly in an institution with many devolved systems and practice. Systems and platforms can also be used to monitor activity and make more visible areas of overload or duplication.

We have a number of projects planned as part of our on-going programmes of Digital Estate Planning (DEP) and VLE Excellence.

Work is progressing at the start of 2024 to map the within scope, outwith scope and overlaps between the technology projects.

Choosing names for these projects is complicated because there are so many initiatives now in the area of feedback, marking and assessment, so I have divided them up into a set of  acronyms which double as a celebration of some of our historic education pioneers.

FLORA (Formal exams, Learning, Online Rubrics and Assessment)  for Flora Stevenson, one of the first women in the United Kingdom to be elected to a School Board.

LOUISA  (Learn Optimised for In-course Submission and Assessment) For Louisa Stevenson, campaigner for women’s university education and co-founder of Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University.

SADIE  (Scoping AI Developments in EdTech at Edinburgh) for Sadie L Adams, influential Black American suffragist

LAURA (Learning Analytics in ULTRA) for Laura Willson, engineer, builder, working class hero.

PHOEBE ( Portfolios for Online, Experiential, Blogging and Evidence)  For Phoebe Byth, Edinburgh campaigner for women’s training and employment.


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