What’s the difference between education and training?

On Wednesday 27th April. I’ll be keynote at UCISA’s spotlight. on Digital Capabilities: Digital skills, a priority or lip service?

  • How can we raise the status and professionalism of IT trainers in education?
  • How can we best position digital capability needs?
  • What kind of business cases are successful and how can we show the impact, value and return on the investment?

Training in educational organisations is a contested space, with some significant challenges in ensuring that IT trainers have the right skills to support adults learning in the workplace. The differentiation needed in these classrooms along with sophisticated classroom management skills is an area often overlooked by managers. The sheer hostility of many university staff towards being asked to take time to learn any new digital skills may surprise many people who work in the private sector.

In this session I will share insights into experience of successful (and unsuccessful) initiatives and suggest ways forward for ensuring that digital capabilities considerations are underpinned by a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.


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