research activities

An EC Erasmus+ project (Jan 2016-June 2018) to assist European universities to become more mature users and custodians of digital data about their students as they learn online.  The SHEILA Project will build a policy development framework that promotes formative assessment and personalized learning, by taking advantage of direct engagement of stakeholders in the development process.

Distance Education Initiative [UoE]
With £5M of funding over 5 years, we are developing a wide range of fully online taught Masters programmes, enabling potential students to access advanced education without breaking their careers, moving location, at lower cost than residential degree programmes. These high quality courses are subject to our normal QA processes. We are re-designing many of our student services to be fully online, to the benefit of all students. Online graduations are now regular features.

Hamish Macleod, Tim Smith and I within the School of Education are responsible for the formative and summative evaluation of the university-level implementation of an intelligent maths tutoring system. It makes use of a natrual language dialogue inteface and an explicit modelling of learner knowledge and skills to aid progression. This EC Framework Programme 6 funded LeAM project is led by DFKI at the University of Saarland, Germany with the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Malaga, Munich and Einhoven as partners. Ends summer 2007.

Another large EC eLearning Programme project and a sister project to VICTORIOUS, MASSIVE developed and tested a methodology for peer-reviewing in e-learning, with particular emphasis on traditional universities across Europe. Peer review visits were carried out with reports and analyses, and were evaluated through several workshops and conference sessions. Led by Granada, the partners were Edinburgh, Leuven, Bergen, Budapest, Erlangen, Barcelona, Tavistock, SCIENTER and SDAE, Madrid.

download the project report here

The Changing Pedagogical Landscape
A research report for the EC reviewing recent developments in national policies and actions to support modernisation of European higher education in pedagogy, quality assurance and funding. The report contains recommendations for European governments and their agencies that will help them to speed up and expand their engagement with new technologies and pedagogies in university level teaching.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) [UoE]     
In partnership with Coursera and edX in the US, Futurelearn in the UK, and peer universities worldwide, we are offering short fully online courses to anyone with internet access, regardless of age, location or prior knowledge. We will explore new pedagogies, how to support very large numbers of learners, and how to offer scalable assessment with proof of identity. These lessons will help us to design more effective courses for all our students.

An EC-funded project to explore ways in which traditional universities might offer assessment and credits for learning based solely on open access materials or courseware, using their normal quality assurance mechanisms. We have developed scenarios to help senior staff assess their options, and will produce basic economic and sustainability models for these novel educational developments. Partners are Universities of Granada (lead), Duisberg-Essen, Bologna, the UN University and SCIENTER (IT).

A large project under the EC eLearning Programme, VICTORIOUS explored the experiences of Erasmus and other European exchange students with ICT before, during and after their visits to other universities. Their experiences enabled us to develop pilots that tested ways in which universities might support their own outgoing students and incoming students from other universities in their mobile use of ICT. The project ended in 2007 with a substantial report and recommendations to stakeholders in the exchange process. Academic coordination was from Edinburgh, with partners in Bristol, Turku, Tartu, Siena, Pavia, Granada, Leuven, Groningen and Brussels.

download the project report here