Welcome to our Intern Blog page: discover more about our experience working for the IS department!


One sunny June day, interns Lila Pitcher and Cecily Plascott decided nothing would be better than to harass their colleagues until they accepted to tell the world more about their summer experience.  Nobody knows how, but it worked!

We will be publishing a new article every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of August. Come back regularly to find out more about our 16 interns.

Interns in order of publication:
Lila Pitcher [co-creator, manager, editor of blog], Academic Blogging Internlpitcher@ed.ac.uk
Cecily Plascott [co-creator, manager, editor of blog], Open Content Curator Intern – cplascot@ed.ac.uk
Qais PatankarMyEd Developer Intern – qpatanka@inf.ed.ac.uk
Annie Adam, Graphic Design Intern – annie.adam@ed.ac.uk
Jordana BlackDigital Skills for Students Adviser – jblack10@exseed.ed.ac.uk
Lucy Sinclair, Project Management Intern – lucy.sinclair@ed.ac.uk
Sam Walker, Teaching Spaces Intern – sam.walker@ed.ac.uk
Anirudh Gangwal, Flexible IT Spaces Intern – anirudh.gangwal@ed.ac.uk
Pedro Schulze Navarrete, Project Management Intern – pedro.schulze@ed.ac.uk
Perry LiuLecture Recording Intern – p.liu@ed.ac.uk
Ben Sheffield, MyEd Developer Intern – bsheffie@ed.ac.uk
Ik Erhahon, Project Management Intern – osariemen.erhahon@ed.ac.uk
Edward Barnes, Project Management Intern – eddie.barnes@ed.ac.uk
Anita Klementiev, Web Developer/Tester Intern – anita.klementiev@ed.ac.uk
Kalvin Wolf, Web Development and Support Assistant (12 months) – kalvin.wolf@ed.ac.uk
Sean Gambier-Ross, Web Development and Support Assistant (12 months) – sgambier@exseed.ed.ac.uk