This programme of events focuses on the big issues and the new technologies that will have an impact on teaching over the next few years, asking how teaching is changing and how we should respond. The sessions offer opportunities for discussion as well as practical know-how and will be lively, interactive and informative.

The themes this year cover ways to prepare for lecture recording, workshops which link to the theme of Near Future Teaching, and how to use some of the kit and caboodle we’re all talking about.


A creative writing workshop on the theme of future teaching led by the poet JL Williams. Come along and write (in prose or poetry) your visions for the future of our university. All levels of writing experience and academic backgrounds welcome.

Thurs 26th Oct 17, 3-5pm
IAD Resource Room B.09

Understand Blockchain and play with how it might change universities in a dynamic workshop which will provoke your thinking around trust, value and exchange.

Fri 27th Oct 17, 10-12pm
1.37 Patersons Land

Ever wondered what learning analytics actually does? A chance to play hands-on with a student dataset using different ways in to understanding how we might shape learning analytics data.
Fri 10th Nov 17, 2-4pm
1.21 Paterson's Land

Get hands-on with 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality and more, discussing what technologies might be used in future classrooms at the University of Edinburgh, and discuss how our values can influence the decisions we make about technology for teaching.

Tue 24th Oct 17, 4-6pm
uCreate Studio (1.12), Main Lib.


This interactive session will encourage participants to explore the possibilities of their 'performance space', and will provide some ideas for using that space in a way to engage students and provide memorable learning experiences.

Fri 10th Nov 17, 12- 2pm
Lecture Theatre G.03, 50 George Square

In this fun and interactive workshop you'll be working to create and deliver comedy in a no-pressure environment. You'll be exploring the links between comedy and academic research, and learning comedic performance skills to enhance your presentation skills - as well as boost your confidence.
Mon 11th Dec 2017, 1-3pm
Room B.09, IAD, 1 Morgan Lane

This workshop is for staff new to lecturing or those looking to improve student engagement in their lectures. It considers the problems and possibilities of lectures, ways to engage students’ attention, and different ways to design a lecture.

Tue 31st Oct 17, 12-2pm
B.09 IAD Resource Room


Do you fancy being the next Ridley Scott or a roving reporter charting the big technological changes in education on our horizon? Come along to DIY film school and create your own futuristic films.

Thurs 5th Oct 17, 11-4pm
B.09 IAD Resource Room

What are 'Internet of Things' (IoT) technologies, and how might they influence future university teaching? This interactive workshop will introduce a range of different IoT technologies and ideas, and ask you to help design creative educational futures where everyday 'things' are connected to the internet.
Weds 22nd Nov 17, 2-4pm
4312 JCMB (Kings Buildings)

“How Virtual Reality can impact education”
This session will introduce VR as a technology, looking at the potential affordances of bringing VR into education, both as a tool to support learners and as a planning tool for learning spaces. There will also be an opportunity to experience an example of an interactive learning space design in a VR classroom. The session is being delivered by Matt Ramirez who works for Jisc as a Futures senior innovation developer.

Thurs 2nd Nov 17, 10-12pm
uCreate Studio, 1.12 Main Lib.

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